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The Spin City Advanced Aerial Hoop Instructor Course will cover the highest level of instruction in Aerial Hoop. Please note – a minimum ceiling height of 3.5 metres is recommended to enable you to complete some of the practical elements contained within this course.

This course is largely practical in nature, concentrating on three different elements of advanced training. Firstly, we will begin by covering an additional 40 moves, the final block of moves in our core syllabus with the focus at this level on strong postural alignment, clean execution and bilateral training in all movements. This will be followed by an in-depth look at dynamic movement; we will be increasing the difficulty level of the rolls covered in our Intermediate course then adding on the core advanced drops, both top to bottom bar and drops that move between two different grip points. The final section of practical is an exploration of the possibilities above the hoop both on a single and double point. This will help add a level of creativity to your advanced work and give you an area to further develop with your students.

The theoretical side of the advanced training course begins with principles of injury prevention and injury management. Our advanced teaching and coaching unit looks at how your role as an instructor will develop as students move into a more autonomous stage of their training and how you can foster creativity safely in a class environment. Advances to progress chains are noted, along with the development of core skills and beneficial areas of cross training are identified such as advanced flexibility. The final unit focuses on health and safety considerations when working with an advanced student body with an exploration of spotting dynamic movement to finish.


This unit will discuss which factors classify a move as advanced and how you know your students are ready to progress onto advanced level skills. A series of markers will be advised along with a ‘core skills checklist’.


Unit 2 covers the final block in the Spin City Syllabus: the core advanced moves. Each move is covered in great detail, with extensive teaching points, safety points, alternative entry and exit points, regressions, progressions, alternatives and common problems.


Unit 3 allows us to progress on from the introductory rolls covered in the Intermediate course, and to increase their difficulty level to make them advanced movements. This is then further developed by adding on the basic advanced drops both top to bottom bar and between different grip points. The unit finishes with a discussion on conditioning for dynamic movement, pre-requisite moves, proper progression, and alignment all relating to the dynamic spotting covered in Unit 6.


The injury prevention unit will focus on the common types of sports injury we may encounter through aerial fitness, relating back to the knowledge covered in our anatomy and physiology course. The unit will conclude with key training processes that can be adopted to avoid these injuries and how in a worst case scenario, how these injuries can be managed effectively if they occur.


Unit 5 looks at how your role as an instructor will develop and change as your students’ progress into a more autonomous stage of learning. We will discuss how you can foster creativity safely in your sessions and also help to develop student-led learning and choreography. We will show you how you can adapt your progress chains and session plans and continue your self-development through cross training.


Our final unit will look at ways you will need to adapt the health and safety information covered on your beginners’ and intermediate courses to make it relevant for an advanced group. At an advanced level we will further develop your knowledge of spotting in the realm of dynamic movement and discuss different techniques that can be applied.

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Key facts

Course Name:

Spin City Advanced Aerial Hoop Instructor

Course Cost:

£345 (face-to-face) £295 (online)


The Spin City Intermediate Aerial Hoop Instructor Training or an equivalent certification. Min three years Aerial Hoop experience recommended.

Modules Covered:

1. Introduction
2. Advanced hoop moves
3. Dynamic movement
4. Injury prevention
5. Advanced teaching & coaching
6. Advanced health & safety

Online Training Course:

Online training: 20-30 hours

Learning tasks/assessment prep: 4-6 hours

Recommended practice: 50-100 hours (individual technique, attending classes, workshops, CPD, teaching and spotting practice, shadowing, co-teaching, working with a mentor and lesson observations)

Face to Face Training Course:

Pre-course reading: 8-10 hours

Pre-course tasks/assessment prep: 4-6 hours

Face to face training: 16 hours

Recommended practice: 50-100 hours (individual technique, attending classes, workshops, CPD, teaching and spotting practice, shadowing, co-teaching, working with a mentor and lesson observations)


Stage 1 – Technical Assessment Perform 80% of the Advanced course moves with safe and correct technique

Stage 2 – Practical Assessment Teach an hour long Advanced Class

What people say

“I have completed the intermediate instructor course and the pole fabric course with Kate, both of which I would highly recommend. The structure, delivery and content were excellent thanks to Kate's professionalism and knowledge. These courses are a must!”