Blush Burlesque
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Key facts

Course Name:

Blush Burlesque Fitness Instructor 

Course Length:

2 days 

Training Options:

Face to face only 

Course Cost:


Modules Covered:

1. Burlesque History and Origins
2. Teaching Dance Fitness to Music
3. Chair Dance Exercise and Choreography
4. Burlesque Fitness Choreography
5. Confidence and Character Building
6. Creating your Class
7. Health and Safety



Some experience of dance or group exercise classes. 


This course has a two part assessment;

Stage 1 – complete an instructor workbook (theory assessment).

Stage 2 – film and submit yourself teaching a class. 

What people say

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Spin City hoop instructor courses - they're well organised, the instructors are very knowledgeable and the course materials are beautifully presented. I've done a lot of CPD and instructor courses over the past few years and the Spin City ones are some of the best by far. I couldn't recommend them enough and I'm looking forward to an advanced hoop course in the future.”

Blush Burlesque

Blush Burlesque Fitness Instructor

2. Face-to-face course

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The Blush Burlesque Fitness Instructor Course will cover the foundations of teaching fun and effective Burlesque fitness instruction. The course is part theory and part practical based. We will give you a number of teaching, coaching and instruction skills essential for teaching groups of beginners.

The theory part of the course will improve your skills in creating, planning and delivering safe, and motivating burlesque fitness sessions and increasing your confidence in having great knowledge in your subject area. To support this we cover relevant Burlesque, Dance and Fitness theory including the history of burlesque, how to elicit confidence in a group of people, how to safely assess suitable venues, how to plan and market your classes, and how to successfully break down and teach choreography to mixed levels of participants.

The practical element to the course covers a multitude of burlesque moves, choreography and routines. It will increase your confidence in learning, creating and delivering a fitness session which is also theatrical and glamorous. This is achieved using a syllabus of burlesque moves which can be used to increase fitness levels and dance techniques. To complete this element we introduce you to the art of striptease and improve your skills in teaching this element of burlesque dance to increase your participants body and self–confidence.

Overall you will learn techniques to ensure you have all the necessary aspects to start teaching confident and effective Burlesque Fitness classes in your community.


This unit explores the background of burlesque, we look at its origins, influences and the pioneers. We move on to looking at how it became popular, how it has evolved and the differing sub genres of burlesque. We finish on how this is relevant to your classes and how it will help improve your class participants experience. 


This unit explains the aims and objectives of a burlesque fitness class and the role of an instructor. We learn basic skills to teach fitness to music which include improving musicality, physical execution, and timing. We finish with some exercises and drills to improve a range of cueing skills which will enable you to confidently lead a burlesque fitness class to music.


This unit is mostly practical and covers the syllabus of moves we use in Chair Fitness and Burlesque Fitness routines. We look at teaching points, safety points, regressions and adaptations to enable you to teach to a mixed levels of abilities in one class.  We cover the benefits and concepts of Chair Dance Fitness, how it is relevant in burlesque fitness and cover activities to help you feel confident in learning and teaching simple choreography using Chairs.


This unit explains the techniques used to choreograph a burlesque routine. We look at elements such as style, genre, choosing music and correct steps to build together a burlesque routine suitable for your classes. We cover how to break choreography down when teaching, how to make routines easier and harder to adapt your lessons to cater as your students progress in their skills. We also explore strip tease basics, how to work with props such as boas, gloves, stockings and coats/jackets. We use activities to improve your confidence in the techniques of basic striptease to enable your students to be successful when performing with props. 


Burlesque dance is known for its empowering qualities. Therefore in a burlesque fitness class its essential this element is covered, as is a key aspect to the sessions you will be teaching. We therefore dedicate a unit to techniques you can use to improve yours and each other’s self esteem, confidence and attitude. In this unit we will explore why this element is important and look at skills you can use to develop this. By using practical activities to develop strategies, we help build your confidence to include these strategies in your burlesque fitness classes. 


This unit covers the elements to plan a successful class. From lesson planning, choosing a suitable venue, welcoming new students and ending your sessions in a way that makes people want to come back every week. What makes your class stand out, what makes it different from the next fitness class on the timetable and how can you ensure all your sessions are inclusive, fun and effective? We cover simple strategies for you to apply to ensure you are adding value to all your participants.


This unit covers the legalities of health and safety and how this applies to burlesque fitness. What do you need to know to keep your classes safe, we cover liability insurance, risk assessments, first aid, dealing with injuries, ongoing training and self development and general good practice within your role as an instructor. This unit finishes with Burlesque Fitness specific health and safety such as foot wear, clothing, chairs, props and how to put this into practice in your classes. 

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