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The Spin City Intermediate Pole Fitness Instructor Course focuses on developing the basic skills taught at the beginners’ level while adding on the next block of moves in the Spin City syllabus. At this point in your instructor training, we start increasing your knowledge of core concepts such as training lifting, execution and clean movement. This will be beneficial as we progress onto considering the basic invert technique in great depth. We follow this by covering our 50 core intermediate inverts, looking at the teaching points, safety points, progressions, regressions and problems of each move. Our practical training will finish by bridging to our advanced course and teaching you how to introduce arms-only movements to your students. This is supplemented with an extensive look at effective spotting techniques.

From a theory perspective, we will expand on the foundation knowledge developed in the beginners’ course, expanding your instructional toolbox to give you a range of teaching methods that work effectively when students are at height and inverted. We will discuss class planning in the context of progress chains and how you can use combinations and sequences to both challenge your students, avoid move plateaus, and ensure safe progression to an advanced level. You can expect to leave this course with a wealth of new moves, skills and techniques to reinvigorate your pole fitness classes, allowing you to take your students to the next level.


This unit examines what constitutes an intermediate move and how to decide whether students are ready to progress onto the intermediate syllabus. We will cover a series of markers which will help you assess your students, as well as techniques to introduce more challenging moves.


Unit 2 starts with a progression of the core concepts. We will look at different techniques to introduce lifting into your classes and how you can encourage students to execute moves more efficiently and move cleanly between positions. Muscular balance and bi-lateral training is covered before we introduce over 50 of the core intermediate syllabus moves. We look at each move in detail, from the teaching and safety points to progressions and regressions, also touching upon common problems.


To begin this unit, we will discuss key issues raised by arms-only movements, safe dismounting and safe progression through different grips. This will be followed by an in-depth consideration of each of the four main arms-only grips and how you can encourage students to build up the strength, balance, and muscular stabilisation in each grip.


At intermediate level, students need to develop strength and flexibility. This is the focus of unit 4. We look at a range of strength and conditioning exercises, areas of flexibility that need to be trained to progress onto an advanced level and methods of increasing pole stamina and endurance.


Unit 5 looks at ways to adapt your teaching methods to enable you to coach students working at height and while inverted. We will cover how to progress towards a more student-led system of coaching, look at how you can effectively use progress chains to build lesson plans and how combinations and sequences will allow you to both challenge your students, avoid plateaus, and also ensure safe progression to an advanced level.


Our final unit will look at ways to adapt the health and safety information covered in the beginners’ course to make it relevant for an intermediate group. Again, our main focus is spotting, where we go into the different methods in more detail, including establishing the basic rules of spotting and a discussion on prevention techniques.

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Key facts

Course Name:

Spin City Intermediate Pole Fitness Instructor

Course Cost:

£345 (face-to-face) £295 (online)


The Spin City Beginners’ Pole Fitness Instructor course or an equivalent certification. Min two years Pole Fitness experience recommended.

Modules Covered:

1. Introduction
2. Intermediate pole moves
3. Intro to arms only movements
4. Intermediate strength & stretching
5. Progressive teaching & coaching
6. Intermediate health & safety

Online Training Course:

Online training: 20-30 hours

Learning tasks/assessment prep: 4-6 hours

Recommended practice: 50-100 hours (individual technique, attending classes, workshops, CPD, teaching and spotting practice, shadowing, co-teaching, working with a mentor and lesson observations)

Face to Face Training Course:

Pre-course reading: 8-10 hours

Pre-course tasks/assessment prep: 4-6 hours

Face to face training: 16 hours

Recommended practice: 50-100 hours (individual technique, attending classes, workshops, CPD, teaching and spotting practice, shadowing, co-teaching, working with a mentor and lesson observations)


Stage 1 – Technical Assessment Perform 80% of the Intermediate course moves with safe and correct technique

Stage 2 – Practical Assessment Teach an hour long Intermediate Class

What people say

“I have attended both the beginners & intermediate hoop courses, Kate is an excellent instructor, clear, concise, easy to follow. You will learn so much in such a short space of time to enable you to teach safe effective classes in Aerial Hoop. I cannot recommend this course enough to anyone thinking about starting or who is already currently teaching aerial hoop..”