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About Us

About Us

At Spin City, our courses are taught by the Spin City team of Instructors. If you are taking online training with us, you will be allocated a mentor for the duration of your training. Our Instructors come from a range of backgrounds, including fitness, dance, yoga and pilates. Our team has been chosen for their comprehensive skills as trainers, they have undergone extensive training through our own internal programme and have been accredited as trainers and assessors by both PD Approval and ActiveIQ. We run a vigorous internal quality assurance programme and are subject to external verification. You can be assured our trainers and mentors will support you throughout your training, they will be on hand to answer any questions and provide the information you need to become a successful Instructor.

The team

  • Kate Edwards

    Spin City CEO

    Kate Edwards is the owner and CEO of Spin City Aerial Fitness, one of the largest aerial fitness schools in the UK. A fully qualified fitness instructor, group exercise instructor and personal trainer for over 10 years, Kate specialises in the fitness aspect of aerial training, teaching at her dedicated studios in Bristol, Exeter, Brimpton and Newbury.

    Kate is the World Pole Sports and Fitness 2011 doubles pole runner-up and winner of the ‘Best Entertainer’ award alongside ‘Bendy’ Kate Czepulkowski, a former student of Kate’s. She is also the 2011 British Universities instructor champion, an integral part of the Equity Pole Dancers Working Party which strives to increase standards in the pole industry, ambassador to the PoleSafe Federation and also the co-founder of the UK Professional Pole Championships – the UK’s premier professional pole fitness competition.

    Kate is constantly looking to further her own education and training. She has completed aerial training with NECCA and Circomedia among others and holds over 30 fitness qualifications, including advanced anatomy and physiology, group exercise, pilates, pre- and post-natal training, shoulder stability, advanced flexibility and injury prevention. Kate is a level 5 PDC-certified instructor, a level 3 REPs accredited instructor and a member of the Guild of Postnatal Exercise Instructors. She has trained some of the world’s top pole performers to win both national and international titles alongside copy editing work for both Rebekah Leach and Julianna Hane.

    Kate now specialises in training other instructors to teach pole fitness, aerial hoop and pole fabric, applying her extensive fitness background to help educate instructors worldwide. She has written twelve certified aerial fitness courses which have been accredited internationally with ACE, AFAA, NASM, REPs, PD Approval, Active IQ, EMD and the PDC. Alongside her training courses, Kate writes and produces the ‘Pole Bible’ the ‘Aerial Hoop Bible’ the ‘Doubles Pole Bible’ and the ‘Doubles Hoop Bible’, some of the leading education resources available for aerial dancers worldwide.

    Kate is currently working on developing the Spin City support network for existing instructors, to ensure Instructors that train with us are supported, inspired and motivated for the length of their careers.

  • Jo Maudsley

    Operations Manager

    Jo joined Spin City as an assessor in 2015; now as Operations Manager and Creative Director, she contributes to all areas of the running of Spin City, alongside managing the company’s branding and web development. As a former teacher, Jo’s background in education has led to her becoming closely involved with course development including updates to the existing Spin City courses.

    As a visual arts specialist, Jo has developed a graphic style showcased on the Spin City clothing and merchandise. She was also lucky enough to work with Bendy Kate as the illustrator of the Bendy Kate Colouring Book! 

    In addition to the Spin City Instructor Training, Jo has undertaken training with Nimble Arts, Skills Active, PD Approval, Active IQ and Xpert. Keen to continue her learning, Jo enjoys attending workshops in a variety of disciplines and loves meeting like-minded professionals at other studios, aerial dance festivals and symposiums.

  • Nadine Parkes

    Head of Online Learning

    Nadine Parkes is Spin City’s Head of Online Learning. A former Army officer who now works in fitness full time, she discovered Pole in 2011 after joining a local class and went on to qualify as a pole instructor in 2013. Nadine has gathered many fitness qualifications over the years; she is an Exercise to Music Instructor, Personal Trainer, Gym Instructor, Spin Instructor, Yoga Instructor, Nutritional Advisor, Behavioural Coach, Obstacle Course Assessor as well as a qualified Pole Instructor at all levels.

    Nadine has competed in a number of Pole competitions both as a solo artist and in the doubles category. Nadine won the UKAPP Advanced Pole Competition in 2013 and has placed in a number of other competitions in both solo and doubles pole competitions in the UK.

    Nadine joined the Spin City Newbury Instructor Team in 2014 where she still teaches Pole and Yoga both in classes and 1-2-1s, she is best known for her ‘unusual’ poses.

  • Lex Gumn

    Training Leader

    Lex first discovered pole in 2009 after having her first child and found it was amazing not only to help her get back into physical shape but also found huge improvements in her self-esteem, confidence and body image. She went on to train other aerial disciplines once she discovered Spin City in 2011 and can usually be found rolling around in the Aerial Sling or around the Poles.

    Lex has completed trained with both Spin City and NECCA as well as attending many workshops and specialist trainings and is a registered PDC 3 star Instructor.

    Lex teaches both regular classes and 1-2-1’s at several studios in the south of England as well as instructing and assessing our face to face instructor training courses. Lex is also co-author on our Aerial Sling courses and particularly enjoys working towards improving the CPD opportunities for all pole and aerial instructors.

  • Mandy Foster

    Training Leader

    Mandy Foster has over 30 years of dance experience, ranging from ballet to street. She taught classical dance styles for 10 years in Germany and the US. At the same time, she danced for three professional sports teams in her home state of North Carolina, competed in a range of dance styles across the US, as well as teaching competition level dance classes. She began pole dancing 9 years ago, shortly after moving to the UK, and has subsequently added aerial hoop and silks to her repertoire. She was a founding member of the street dance team ‘She Boom’ based in Swindon.

    Nowadays most of Mandy’s dancing is done with the Reading-based burlesque troupe ‘The Scarlet Vixens’ under her stage name Lady Lisette Ruby. She is a qualified instructor in pole fitness, aerial hoop, yoga, pilates, zumba, just jhoom and burlesque. She joined the Spin City instructional team in 2013 as a tutor and assessor. Mandy graduated with a BA in Teaching History from North Carolina State University and loves attending football and basketball games when she visits.

  • Becky Campey

    Training Leader

    Becky started dancing at 3 and hasn’t stopped since, she studied Dance Performance at Middlesex University, including Contemporary, Ballet, Tap and Jazz. Becky has worked as a choreographer, teacher and performer for over 15 years, her experience has offered her great opportunities including appearances on Gok Wan’s ‘How To Look Good Naked’, and ITV’s ‘The Royal’. Becky is also a qualified fitness instructor and has broad experience of teaching fitness classes from Pilates to Body Combat.

    Becky started pole dancing in 2005 and loved the fitness and dance challenge so much she opened her school, Blush in 2008. She currently manages her team of teachers at studios in Manchester, Sheffield and Stockport, as well as teaching Burlesque Fitness Class, Pole Fitness, Aerial Hoop and Pole Fabric.

    Becky loves to improve her skills and professional development and believes the key to being a great tutor and performer is to always learn. She is a PDC Level 4 star instructor and has qualifications in Fitness, Dance, Pole Fitness, Aerial and Circus with recognized companies and organisations such as NECCA, Vertical Leisure, Spin City, GreenTop Circus and is also a qualified NLP coach.

  • Sam Smith

    Training Leader

    Sam Smith’s first taste of pole dancing was during her hen do in 2008, where a Pole Dancing class was arranged as a surprise. After trying it on her hen do, Sam was hooked and started attending classes. From taking part in classes, Sam’s passion for Pole Dancing made her progression from student to instructor a natural evolution.

    In 2010, Sam became an instructor for what was Pole Essence, and began teaching Pole Dancing classes. When the opportunity arose Sam bought Pole Essence and really began developing herself, with certifications from Spin City, X-Pole as well as becoming a PDC 3 star instructor. Sam has also gained certifications in Aerial Hoop, Pole Fabrics and Stretch & Flex. Sam also featured in the testimonials contributed to Flying Through Pregnancy by Kate Edwards.

    Sam is currently owner of Studio Essence, based in Highbridge, Somerset where she has manages a small team of instructors as well as teaches classes on a regular basis. Sam joined the Spin City Instructor training team as a Tutor and Assessor in 2019.

  • Tamara Castle

    Training Leader

    Tamara started off in the Musical Theatre industry, having studied it as a degree, she performed around the south of the UK in shows as a professional Children’s Entertainer and a dance teacher for children with Additional Needs. Whilst doing so she found Pole Fitness & Aerial and started undergoing classes to build up her performance repertoire.

    Tamara was invited to qualify as an instructor of Aerial & Pole, where she later then opened up her own studio, CAW Fitness based near Gatwick. Using Aerial Fitness with a holistic approach, Tamara is passionate about creating physical as well as emotional well-being in both personal and community settings.

    Having been teaching Pole & Aerial for nearly 10 years, Tamara has completed her training with Spin City in many disciplines, along with other recognised training providers over the years and is a 3 star PDC approved instructor. She loves Spin City’s Training approach, structure and ethos and is delighted to be working with such a fantastic and knowledgeable team.

    >Tamara’s main discipline is Aerial Sling, which she has grown to love, live and breathe! She can also be seen regularly on Hoop and Silks and particularly enjoys discovering new moves, combos, tricks and trends. She also enjoys exploring Pole Flow & Classique. However her true passion sits with teaching, passing on knowledge in how to create a safe, positive and non- judgmental environment through the art and magic of Aerial.

  • Zorena Roe

    Training Leader

    Zorena started learning pole in 2009 while at university studying a degree in modern languages. needless to say, she fell in love with pole and started teaching it in her final year at university! She took hoop then too and started teaching that in 2013.

    Zorena Comes from a gymnastics background, having trained and coached it for years before starting pole. She has competed and performed at many events as a solo and doubles act, including UKPPC, Bristol Pole Championships, Miss Pole Dance, Exotic Generation and Weird & Wonderful.

    Zorena is now a full time pole and aerial instructor, as well as teaching fitness classes and nutrition courses. She’s taken many courses and never stop learning; she has trained in sports massage, personal training, nutrition coaching alongside many aerial courses. She is a keen hand balancer and dabbles in cyr wheel alongside everything else!


  • Bambi Newport

    Training Leader

    Bambi first tried pole back in the early 2000s and has watched with interest as the industry and the art form has developed and grown. She first tried hoop and silks over 10 years ago. She has  been regularly training pole for eight years, hoop and silks for six, and sling for two. She sees her pole and aerial training as a journey, with ups and downs, and realises it is much more than just a fitness activity – it gives a huge sense of achievement, however small or large, and she sees how it offers benefits mentally, emotionally as well as physically. It is empowering, rewarding and a lot of fun!

    Bambi has been teaching for four years, starting with NECCA training for silks and trapeze. Since then she has completed a number of Spin City instructor courses: beginner, intermediate and advanced pole; beginner and intermediate hoop; beginner sling; pole silks; grounded hoop, and anatomy and physiology. She also holds a specific children’s pole and aerial qualification, and has completed the High Performance rigging course. She is registered with the PDC as a pole instructor. She regularly updates and enhances her knowledge and understanding by taking CPD courses – whether it be workshops and private classes, updating her Safeguarding courses, or completing add on courses.

    Bambi is a full time aerial fitness instructor, teaching regular scheduled group classes in Brimpton, Newbury, Andover and Wokingham. She also has regular private classes for adults and children
    during weekdays and at weekends, in all disciplines. She was nominated for Spin City Instructor of the Year in 2018.

    Since becoming a tutor and assessor for Spin City, Bambi has embraced this new teaching challenge and finds it immensely fulfilling. She loves seeing her students achieve things they never imagined they could, taking them on their own journey at their own pace. She finds she is rewarded as much by her students’ achievements as her own (if not more so!) and loves the whole experience.

  • Varie Anderson

    Training Leader

    Varie is a multi-skilled aerial artist and pole performer currently based in Macau, China. She is the founder and Head Instructor of Hidden Talent Aerial Dance and Acrobatics and has recently consulted for the Franco Dragone Entertainment Group show TABOO. She has dazzled audiences with her performances on aerial silks and pole, and is currently creating a new aerial hoop act to be debuted very soon.

    Varie’s love of the aerial arts began 7 years ago when she discovered pole dancing in her hometown of Glasgow, Scotland, and she has been performing and teaching ever since. Varie moved to Bristol, England, in 2008 and soon started working as Head Instructor at Spin City Aerial Fitness. She began training aerial silks in late 2008 and aerial hoop soon followed.

    In addition to performing and teaching, Varie is also co-founder and organiser of the UK’s most successful pole dancing competition, the UK Professional Pole Championships, she is an international pole and aerial competition judge, and also provides consulting services for competition organisers.


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