Pole Flow

Course Details The Spin City Pole Flow Instructor Course will show you to how break down and teach key pole flow transitions and build sequences of your own. You will learn ways to help your students to gain in confidence, fluidity, and eventually develop their own style of flow.

Double Crochet-Double Crucifix

This course will refresh your knowledge of the foundation skills for the Double Crochet–Double Crucifix, provide you with a series of different entries, and a whole host of progressive skills to expand your teaching repertoire.

Catchers and S-Wraps

This course will ensure you can confidently identify a Catchers, Cross Catchers and S-Wrap and provide you with skills to challenge and engage your students with varied entries and a variety of poses, balances and transitions.

Cross Back Skills

Cross Backs are a key Footlock skill with many entries and variations; all Cross Backs consist of the same two parts – a cross over the back and footlocks or wraps over the feet. The skills in this course span a range of difficulties ensuring that all students will find something they find challenging.

Belay Skills

In aerial silks, a Belay is a loop of fabric created by one tail of fabric wrapping around and over the other tail of fabric. This module of our aerial silks instructor workshop series will take you through a range of skills from a basic Belay through a variety of entry options, to a range …

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Hiplock Skills

This module of our aerial silks instructor workshop series covers basic hiplock skills, progressions, challenging combinations and moves requiring extra strength, control and stamina using hiplocks and tourniquet wraps.

Climbs and Descents

Climbing is a fundamental skill within aerial silks; it allows for an extra dimension to be displayed within performance and skill-based execution. This course will build on the foundations of climbing technique and provide you with a range of more varied ways to descend the fabric.

Footlocks Module 2

This course will provide what we would call progressive footlock skills, that may feature a more complicated wrap, a less supported position, require additional strength or flexibility, more stamina, or are more challenging to spot as an instructor.

Footlocks Module 1

Footlock skills are often a level up from hitch skills, requiring the student to develop their balance and coordination on fabric, to increase their grip strength and tolerance in fabric wraps. This instalment (Module 1) will cover all the basics, along with simpler, more supportive footlock wraps.

Working in the Hitch

Hitch skills are a fundamental building block for the practice of aerial silks and a great way to introduce beginners to this discipline. This Instructor Workshop will provide you with a fresh selection of moves that use the hitch knot to develop your aerial silks syllabus.

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