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Aerial Silks

Belay Skills

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The Spin City Belay Skills Instructor Workshop will provide you with a fresh selection of moves to add to your syllabus.  This module of our aerial silks instructor workshop series will take you through a range of skills from a basic Belay through a variety of entry options, to a range of tricks that use a Belay as the base move.

Assessment for this course will include short theory assessments at the end of each unit and a technical assessment; you need to be able to complete the designated core moves with safe and correct technique. These are identified throughout the course and will be submitted at the end of the course via the online learning platform.


In aerial silks, a Belay is a loop of fabric created by one tail of fabric wrapping around and over the other tail of fabric. Belays can be used for a wide range of purposes such as a pretty rest pose all the way up to the base for stacked drops. This unit will cover the theory behind a Belay including foundation skills, safety factors and emergency exit strategies.


There are many different ways to get into a Belay. As we have described in the introduction, wherever you have a cross in the fabrics you could create a Belay. We have included the most common and accessible entries here in this unit.


Belay entrances themselves can be challenging enough for some students, but others will want to know what they can do once they get there. The skills in this unit are arranged by difficulty and range from being suitable for beginners up to some early Belay drops.


Belays are one of the most natural skills to include in a combination. You can get into a Belay from a huge variety of entrance points, and use some really innovative skills, poses and transitions when you get there. In this unit we have included some of our favourite Belay combinations for you and your students to try


The final unit of the course covers Belay-specific health and safety considerations and provides and overview of the health and safety fundamental, covered in our Foundation Silks Instructor Course, including concepts such as public liability insurance and risk assessments.

Key facts

Course Name:

Spin City Belay Skills

Course Price:

£175 (online) paid in full or in 3 payments using the payment plan option.


Suitable for all existing Aerial Silks Instructors.

Online Training Course:

Online training: 10-20 hours

Learning tasks and assessment preparation: 2-4 hours

Recommended practice: 20-40 hours (individual technique, attending classes, workshops, CPD, teaching and spotting practice, shadowing, co-teaching, working with a mentor and lesson observations)

Assessment: Assessment for this course is via a multiple choice theory test completed online and a short video technical assessment of core moves.

Course Length: 1 year

What people say

“A great way to begin a career in pole fitness or aerial instruction. It's also worthwhile if you are already a competent instructor - the more techniques and information you learn the more your students will benefit from it.”

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