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Aerial Silks

Footlocks Module 2

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The Spin City Footlocks Module 2 Instructor Workshop will provide you with a fresh selection of moves that use footlock skills to develop your Aerial Silks syllabus. Here we will have provided what we would call progressive footlock skills, that may feature a more complicated wrap, a less supported position, require additional strength or flexibility, more stamina to enter and exit or moves that are more challenging to spot as an instructor. Progressive footlock skills are a great way to take your students to the next level. At a basic level, Progressive Footlocks provide more complex or technical wraps for beginner progression students to work on at a higher level, they provide great strength and conditioning training for lifting inverts through moves such as the Arabesque Invert and Teardrop. Within this course we have also included a selection of double and triple wrap movements that we feel fit well within the Footlocks Module 2 syllabus. These moves are of a similar nature (poses that are high value with straightforward entries and exits) and they are the natural progression from aerial dance Footlocks covered in the Foundation Aerial Silks course.

Assessment for this course will include short theory assessments at the end of each unit and a technical assessment; you need to be able to complete the designated core moves with safe and correct technique. These are identified throughout the course and will be submitted at the end of the course via the online learning platform.


This unit will recap the basics relating to the footlock skills covered in the previous installment, Module 1.


Our second unit is the main body of this course. We will cover over 25 different move variations including a range of poses on a single footlock, double footlock,, double/triple wraps and and introduction to ankle hangs. Each move will be detailed with teaching points, safety points, progressions, regressions, and common problems.


At this stage we start to introduce more challenging sequences of moves with longer, more technical combinations.  This unit will provide a set of fixed combinations, as well as a combinations toolbox to inspire your own combinations and freestyle activities.


Unit 4 explores how the footlock can be used for conditioning drills. In the Module 1 Course we touched on Footlock Drills in the form of ‘familiarisation drills’; in Module 2 we are going to look at progressive drills to support the development of students’ strength and technique.


Health and safety is fundamental to effective aerial classes. In this unit, we will look at key health and safety concepts such as public liability insurance and risk assessments. We will also cover specific aerial silks health and safety considerations, such as foot, post and tail positions and safe dismounts.

Key facts

Course Name:

Spin City Footlocks Module 2

Course Price:

£175 (online) paid in full or in 3 payments using the payment plan option.


Suitable for all existing Aerial Silks Instructors. Spin City Footlocks Module 1 also recommended.

Online Training Course:

Online training: 10-20 hours

Learning tasks and assessment preparation: 2-4 hours

Recommended practice: 20-40 hours (individual technique, attending classes, workshops, CPD, teaching and spotting practice, shadowing, co-teaching, working with a mentor and lesson observations)

Assessment: Assessment for this course is via a multiple choice theory test completed online and a short video technical assessment of core moves.

Course Length: 1 year

What people say

“Energetic, knowledgeable and with a limitless ability to demonstrate, our instructor was excellent. It was very apparent that an immense amount of work has gone into the preparation of the courses and it was clear that as instructors our work is cut out in order to qualify and prove safe practice and techniques. I would highly recommend training with Spin City Aerial Fitness..”

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