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Spinning Pole

Instructor Training

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The Spin City Spinning Pole Instructor Course will teach you how to effectively use the spinning mechanism of the pole and will expand your repertoire to include a range of spinning techniques.

When working on a spinning pole it is essential that you understand how the pole differs in nature from a static pole so that it can be used safely and effectively. The theory section of this course will teach you the basic rules of working with the spinning mechanism, the importance of shoulder engagement, hand grip technique and control of momentum, along with health and safety specific to spinning pole. The practical section of this course will cover over 30 different techniques using the spinning mechanism, including combinations and conditioning examples.


To begin the training we will cover the distinct differences between working on static and spinning pole. We’ll cover pole-specific terminology, how to create momentum on a spinning pole and most importantly, how to control the spin and combat dizziness.


The second unit of the course covers our spinning pole introductory syllabus, broken down into three sections; Basic Spins, Seated Spins; Climbing on Spin. Each move will be detailed with a video of the technique including teaching points, safety points, progressions and regressions. The accompanying course manual breaks these down even further with common problems your students may encounter.


Spinning pole leads naturally to lots of combinations where you can link together various moves and poses to create beautiful combinations. In this section of the course we have provided set combinations alongside a combinations ‘toolbox’, which is formed of a variety of prompts to encourage creativity and build in additional challenge for more experienced students.


This unit explores a short series of strength and conditioning drills that can be used with your students to help increase confidence and technique as well as their strength.


The final unit of the course covers Health and Safety from a both the general perspective of pole fitness classes, as well as spinning pole-specific safety principles.

Key facts

Course Name:

Spin City Spinning Pole Instructor

Course Cost:

£175 (online) paid in full or in 3 payments using the payment plan option.


Suitable for all existing Pole Fitness Instructors

Online Training Course:

Online training: 10-20 hours

Learning tasks and assessment preparation: 2-4 hours

Recommended practice: 20-40 hours (individual technique, attending classes, workshops, CPD, teaching and spotting practice, shadowing, co-teaching, working with a mentor and lesson observations)

Assessment: Assessment for this course is via a multiple choice theory test and a short video upload of a combination of moves, completed online

Course Length: 1 year

What people say

“I can honestly say that the spin city courses are by far the best quality and value for money I have ever been on. I have a pole school which is expanding rapidly and I will be sending any of my instructors Kate's way for some training.”

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