Strength & Conditioning for Pole and Aerial

Instructor Training

1. Online Course

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The Spin City Strength & Conditioning Instructor Course will give you important knowledge about strength and conditioning both the theory and the practical so that you can apply this to the work you do with your clients. 

It covers important information on the science of strength and then gives you tools to be able to apply this to design and deliver safe, effective exercises and classes for your clients and class participants.

UNIT 1 – Defining Strength and Conditioning

  • The components of fitness explained
  • Strength & conditioning and other common terms defined
  • Different types of strength

UNIT 2 – Strength and Conditioning – the benefits

  • Factors affecting the body’s response to strength and conditioning
  • The physiological effects of strength and conditioning on the systems of the body
  • The psychological benefits of strength and conditioning exercise

UNIT 3 – The risks of Strength & Conditioning

  • Risks for injury
  • The growing body and strength exercise
  • Risks for and signs of overtraining
  • Recognising body dysmorphia

UNIT 4 – Getting Specific with Strength and Conditioning

  • Training for the components of fitness
  • The strength-endurance continuum – understanding sets, repetitions and rest

UNIT 5 – Programming and Principles

  • Know the recommended guidelines for strength training
  • The principles of exercise applied to strength and conditioning

UNIT 6 – Training Methods

  • Warming up and cooling down
  • Basic methods for strength and conditioning
  • Advanced methods for progress

UNIT 7 – Pole and Aerial Specific Exercises

  • Pole Fitness Exercises
  • Aerial Hoop Exercises
  • Aerial Fabric Exercises
  • Floor Based Training

UNIT 8 – Class Planning

  • Strength and Conditioning within existing classes
  • Strength and Conditioning Specific Lesson Plans
    • Optional Activity
  • Move Specific Strength and Conditioning Plans
    • Optional Activity

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Key facts

Course Name:

Strength & Conditioning for Pole and Aerial Instructor

Course Cost:

£155 (online)


Suitable for all existing Pole and Aerial instructors

Online training course:

Online training: 10-20 hours

Learning tasks and assessment preparation: 2-4 hours

Recommended practice: 20-40 hours (individual technique, attending classes, workshops, CPD, teaching and spotting practice, shadowing, co-teaching, working with a mentor and lesson observations)

Assessment: Assessment for this course is via a multiple choice theory test completed online

Course Length: 1 year

What people say

“Kate and her staff are very friendly and make you feel relaxed and at ease. They also provide help and advise after the course has been completed, which is an amazing help! I cannot recommend them enough! Can't wait for the next one!”

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