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Strength and Conditioning

The Spin City Strength & Conditioning Instructor Course will give you important knowledge about strength and conditioning both the theory and the practical so that you can apply this to the work you do with your clients. 

This course is recommended for all certified pole and aerial instructors.

Online Course Cost: £155

Questions about the course? Click on the headings below for more information, or contact us.

Course requirements

You will need:

  • access to the internet via a PC, laptop, or mobile device
  • access to a pole, hoop, silks, or sling is beneficial
  • at least 1 student to teach your practical assessment to
  • a minimum of 2 hours’ study/training time per week (to complete the course within the 1-year deadline)
  • a device to film videos on (mobile phones are allowed)

Course assessment

This course has two main parts to the assessment; a theory assessment and a short video to show your teaching ability.

Theory AssessmentPractical Assessment
Answer theory questions related to each unit of the course. Questions are multiple choice, or short answers.
Film yourself teaching two different strength and conditioning exercises to a student.
You will have 1 year from the date you are enrolled onto the course to complete the online study and assessment.

Course description

This course will aim to :

  • provide you with a resource that helps you to develop your knowledge and understanding of the underlying science behind strength and conditioning.
  • inform you on the latest research into the subject and how you can apply this to your training.
  • give you something you can come back to time and again for a catalogue of exercises and methods that will support both your performance in pole and aerial and your overall wellbeing.
  • ensure that you perform exercises safely and effectively to gain the best results with the minimum risk of injury.

We will start by defining strength and conditioning, the benefits and the risks. We’ll then examine specific components of fitness and explore the strength-endurance continuum, understanding sets, reps and rest. Following this we’ll delve into programming, taking look at the recommended guidelines for strength training and the principles of exercise. You’ll find a whole unit devoted to pole- and aerial-specific examples, which we will cover in depth on during the practical elements of the course; this is divided into pole-, aerial hoop-, aerial fabric- and floor-based exercises. Finally, the course finishes by looking at class planing, incorporating strength and conditioning into your existing pole and aerial classes, or as stand-alone sessions.

UNIT 1 – Defining Strength and Conditioning

  • The components of fitness explained
  • Strength & conditioning and other common terms defined
  • Different types of strength

UNIT 2 – Strength and Conditioning – the benefits

  • Factors affecting the body’s response to strength and conditioning
  • The physiological effects of strength and conditioning on the systems of the body
  • The psychological benefits of strength and conditioning exercise

UNIT 3 – The risks of Strength & Conditioning

  • Risks for injury
  • The growing body and strength exercise
  • Risks for and signs of overtraining
  • Recognising body dysmorphia

UNIT 4 – Getting Specific with Strength and Conditioning

  • Training for the components of fitness
  • The strength-endurance continuum – understanding sets, repetitions and rest

UNIT 5 – Programming and Principles

  • Know the recommended guidelines for strength training
  • The principles of exercise applied to strength and conditioning

UNIT 6 – Training Methods

  • Warming up and cooling down
  • Basic methods for strength and conditioning
  • Advanced methods for progress

UNIT 7 – Pole and Aerial Specific Exercises

  • Pole Fitness Exercises
  • Aerial Hoop Exercises
  • Aerial Fabric Exercises
  • Floor Based Training

UNIT 8 – Class Planning

  • Strength and Conditioning within existing classes
  • Strength and Conditioning Specific Lesson Plans
  • Move Specific Strength and Conditioning Plans
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