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Looking for a breakdown of the details for a specific course? Click the course title below to see unit contents, course moves list and assessment requirements for our instructor training and continued professional development (CPD) courses.

Pole Fitness Courses

Our pole fitness instructor programme is unique, with influences from dance, yoga, pilates, aerial training, sports coaching and sports science to provide you with a comprehensive training structure. These courses are designed for teaching on most poles including chrome, stainless steel, brass and powder coated finishes. Click a course title below to find out more about an individual course.

Beginners Pole Fitness Instructor Course

Intermediate Pole Fitness Instructor Course

Advanced Pole Fitness Instructor Course

Spinning Pole CPD Course

Pole Fabric CPD Course

Pole Flow CPD Course

Aerial Hoop Courses

The Spin City aerial hoop instructor training programme will provide you with everything you need to teach safe and effective aerial hoop fitness classes in your community. Our aerial hoop training is the first of its kind worldwide, uniting cutting edge fitness concepts with this exciting aerial apparatus. Find out more about our individual courses below.

Beginners Aerial Hoop Instructor Course

Intermediate Aerial Hoop Instructor Course

Advanced Aerial Hoop Instructor Course

Grounded Hoop CPD Course

Double Point Hoop CPD Course

Aerial Silks Courses

The Spin City aerial silks instructor training is being redeveloped to mirror the beginners, intermediate and advanced level structure seen throughout our courses. Beginners is now live, with intermediate and advanced coming soon! We also offer a range of skill-specific add-on courses, which focus on a specific trick, or movement, with additional entries, exits, variations, regressions and progressions of that skill.

Beginners Aerial Silks Instructor Course

Working in the Hitch CPD Course

Footlocks Module 1 CPD Course

Footlocks Module 2 CPD Course

Climbs and Descents CPD Course

Hiplock Skills CPD Course

Belay Skills CPD Course

Cross Back Skills CPD Course

Catchers and S-Wraps CPD Course

Double Crochet-Double Crucifix CPD Course

Aerial Sling Courses

Sling provides students will an accessible way of approaching aerial fabric, allowing them to build their skills, strength and conditioning. The new beginners level will provide a range of skills from basic mounts and seats up to an introduction to dynamic movement. Intermediate and advanced levels are coming soon!

Beginners Aerial Sling Instructor Course

Continued Professional Development Courses

Great instructors are always looking to widen their expertise. The Spin City Continued Professional Development series will enable you to expand your range of classes by increasing your knowledge and diversifying your skills. These courses are suitable for all qualified instructors – new and experienced!

Beginners Coaching

Core Strength and Stability for Pole and Aerial

Anatomy and Physiology for Pole and Aerial

Strength and Conditioning for Pole and Aerial

Stretching and Flexibility for Pole and Aerial

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