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Please complete the form below to finalise registration for your face-to-face course place. This must be completed before the first day of your course.

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Blended Learning Enrolment Questionnaire

Blended Learning Enrolment Questionnaire

Blended Learning Health Questionnaire

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Tutors will: Work within our agreed timetable and start/finish times. Inform you of the purpose and process of each session. Use training resources that maximise your learning. Provide opportunities to contribute to the learning, via questions, comments and feedback. Inform you of the health, safety and operational rules in relation to the premises and equipment. Offer individual support and guidance in relation to any assessment criteria. Adhere to our Equal Opportunities Policy.
Learners are expected to: Complete all relevant learning ahead of the course via the online learning system. Attend all in-person sessions as timetabled and on time. Take responsibility for their own learning by communicating their progress with the tutor. Ask for help and guidance as and when required. Wear suitable clothing for the timetabled activity. Actively participate in the sessions with colleagues and as instructed by the tutor. Adhere to the Equal Opportunities Policy. Adhere to any relevant professional Code of Ethics.
As covered in the terms and conditions agreed to upon purchase – to participate in any of our training courses, you need to ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria set out in the description of the services on our website and are aged 18 or over. Please indicate that you have met the pre-requisites to be eligible to participate in this course.
The aims of the Spin City Instructor Training programme is to provide all learners with the knowledge and skills to enable them to deliver pole/aerial fitness sessions to others. All exercises are designed to enable learners to experience different levels of intensity and duration of activities. As with all exercise, pole and aerial sessions carry an element of risk and you may experience some bruising or burn and feel slightly achy for a few days afterwards when completing the practical elements of your course. This course and each individual practical video has been designed to minimise those risks and with continued practice your body will become conditioned to the movements involved. If while practicing the practical elements of the course, you feel excessive pain or discomfort, please stop doing the activity concerned and notify your online mentor immediately.
Please work at your own level through all of the practical elements of the training course, ensure you warm up and cool down thoroughly and always have a spotter present. Please notify your online mentor if you have sustained any injuries, illnesses or medical conditions or if you feel there are parts of the practical training elements you are unable to take part in – participation is completely voluntary and you may withdraw from the training course at any time. All information given to your online mentor is completely private and confidential under data protection legislation. Please ask as many questions as possible during your online training course. Please check the box below to show that the above information has been read and understood.
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