Stretching and Flexibility

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This course will provide you with a broad spectrum of theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of stretching and flexibility so that you can apply this directly to your pole and aerial work.


Course requirements

You will need:

  • access to the internet via a PC, laptop, or mobile device
  • access to a pole or hoop is beneficial
  • at least 1 student to teach your practical assessment to
  • a minimum of 2 hours’ study/training time per week (to complete the course within the 1-year deadline)
  • a device to film videos on (mobile phones are allowed)

This course is recommended for all certified pole and aerial instructors, please contact us if you have any questions about pre-requisites or suitability for your needs.


This course has two main parts to the assessment; a theory assessment and a short video to show your teaching ability.

Theory AssessmentPractical Assessment
Answer theory questions related to each unit of the course. Questions are multiple choice, or short answers.
Film yourself teaching a short sequence of floor-based stretches to a student.
You will have 1 year from the date you are enrolled onto the course to complete the online study and assessment.
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