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Introduction to Pole Flow


‘The action or fact of moving along in a steady, continuous stream’

‘Proceed or be produced continuously and effortlessly’

Oxford English Dictionary

Pole Flow is synonymous with elegance grace and fluidity. The aim is to dance smoothly, moving from one transition to another with minimal grip changes, a consistent momentum and continuous motion. Some students may find they are capable of freestyling this kind of movement whereas others find this skill does not come naturally. In our Pole Flow course we will teach you how to break down some of the key flow transitions and link them together to build sequences which can be pre-taught to your students. We look at the different ways to integrate flow into classes and on timetables, what benefits this brings to your studio and students so you can teach a variety of levels and abilities. We list strategies to increase your confidence in teaching flow so you can provide students with the fundamental movements seen in pole flow and also add expression style and flair. You will learn ways to assist your students to gain in confidence, fluidity and eventually develop their own style of flow.