Advanced Aerial Sling Instructor Training – Online Course

£295.00 price including tax

The Spin City Advanced Aerial Sling Instructor Course covers the highest level of instruction, with a focus on strength, stamina, flexibility, technique, strong postural alignment, clean execution and bilateral training in all movements. You can expect to leave this course ready to challenge your students physically and mentally.

The course assessment includes an assessment of your technical ability demonstrating a minimum of 80% of the course moves with clean execution and a final teaching assessment in which you will be required to teach a class appropriate for Intermediate level students using moves provided in the course. An opportunity to submit shorter teaching and technique videos will also be provided before the final assessment for feedback from your online mentor.



Number of Hours:

Online training: 20-30 hours

Learning tasks/assessment prep: 4-6 hours

Recommended practice: 50-100 hours (individual technique, attending classes, workshops, CPD, teaching and spotting practice, shadowing, co-teaching, working with a mentor and lesson observations)

Cost of Course: £295 (payment due on booking)

Pre-Requisites: The Spin City Intermediate Aerial Sling Instructor Training or an equivalent certification. A minimum of three years Aerial Sling experience recommended.

Assessment: This course has a two part assessment; stage 1 – Technical Assessment, film yourself performing 80% of the Advanced moves with safe and correct technique. Stage 2 – Practical Assessment, film yourself teaching an hour long Advanced class.

*PLEASE NOTE* You will have a year from the purchase date of your course to complete both your course and your assessment.


The Spin City Advanced Aerial Sling Instructor Course will cover the highest level of instruction in Aerial Sling. This course is largely practical in nature, concentrating on three different elements of advanced training.

Firstly, we will begin by covering some additional moves including mounts and poses, the final block of moves in our core syllabus. This will be followed by an in-depth look at dynamic movement; this will include both a introduction and then some more challenging drops.

The theoretical side of the advanced training course begins with principles of injury prevention and injury management. Our advanced teaching and coaching unit looks at how your role as an instructor will develop as students move into a more autonomous stage of their training and how you can foster creativity safely in a class environment. Advances to progress chains are noted, along with the development of core skills and beneficial areas of cross training are identified such as advanced flexibility. The final unit focuses on health and safety considerations when working with an advanced student body.

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