Aerial Silks Footlocks Module 1 Instructor Workshop – Online Course

£175.00 price including tax

The Spin City Aerial Silks Footlocks Module 1 Instructor Workshop will teach you how to effectively deliver a range of Footlock skills to your students to support and develop skills and build their confidence in the air.




Number of Hours:
Online training: 10-20 hours
Learning tasks: 4-6 hours
Recommended practice: 20-40 hours (individual technique, attending classes, workshops, CPD, teaching and spotting practice, shadowing, co-teaching, working with a mentor and lesson observations)

Cost of Course: £175 (payment due on booking)

Pre-Requisites: Suitable for all existing Aerial Silks Instructors

Assessment: This course has a written theory assessment and a short video assessment of core course moves completed in the online learning platform.

*PLEASE NOTE* You will have a year from the purchase date of your course to complete your course



The Spin City Footlocks Module 1 Instructor Workshop will provide you with a fresh selection of moves that use footlock skills to develop your Aerial Silks syllabus. Footlock Skills are a great way of building a beginners Aerial Silks repertoire, without the need to be able to invert. This is fundamental in the development of beginners. Footlock Skills are often a level up from hitch skills, requiring the student to develop their balance and coordination on fabric, to increase their grip strength and tolerance in fabric wraps. The beauty of Footlocks is that from the same basic standing position. Footlock skills are so varied and as such, for the purposes of our Instructor Training, we have split them into two modules. This instalment (Module 1) will cover all the basics, along with simpler, more supportive Footlock wraps.

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