Shoulder Strength and Stability for Pole and Aerial – Online Training Course

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In life, on the pole and in aerial, the shoulders need the perfect blend of flexibility, stability, and strength to be able to help you perform the many tasks that you ask of them. That’s why we’ve dedicated this course to help you better understand the structure and function of the shoulders. We’ll show you how the bones, joints, muscles, nerves, and more work together to enable you to move in a multitude of ways. We’ll look at what can go wrong when you haven’t got the balance quite right, covering postural issues and potential injuries. And, in the final units, we’ll look at a wide range of exercises that you can use to help keep your shoulders healthy.

This course is designed to help you better understand anatomy and physiology in relation to pole and aerial training and any elements that require further training or signposting to another professional will be highlighted appropriately.


Course access duration: up to 1 year

Online training: 8-16 hours

Learning tasks/assessment prep: 1-2 hours

Pre-Requisites: Learners must be 18 years of older to enrol. Suitable for all certified pole and aerial instructors, as well as pole and aerial students who are interested in expanding their theoretical knowledge.

Assessment: Assessment for this course is via an online, multiple choice test.

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