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Silks Bible – digital PDF

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The 1st Edition Silks Bible has arrived, with over 3000 photos in an easy-to-use digital PDF.

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The 1st Edition Spin City Silks Bible is here! This book has been produced to help you identify your S-Wrap from your U-Lock and your Salto from your Ricochet.

The book is made up of two main sections. The first section contains the foundation skills for aerial silks – these are covered in our Foundation Aerial Silks Instructor Training Course and they provide the building blocks for all other skills. The Foundation Moves are the building blocks that all other wraps, moves and skills are built upon. The second section contains bonus moves, which have been split into different categories, or families, including static poses, variations on core moves and dynamic moves.

Please note: The skills in this book have been photographed using low stretch fabric.

The PDF file will be emailed to you within 72 hours of purchase.


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