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Aerial Sling Foundation Instructor Course – final assessment

Film yourself teaching three individual moves using the IDEAS teaching method to at least one student. You’ll need to film and upload each move as separate videos.

What should be included?

  • Teach one move from unit 2 (Foundation sling mounts and transitions)
  • Teach one move from unit 3 (Foundation sling seats and stands)
  • Teach one move from unit 4 (Basic foundation sling inverts)

Teaching assessment notes: When teaching each move ensure a range of key teaching points and relevant safety points are covered.  Aim to cover set up/entry (e.g. hand grips) transitions to get to the pose or through the move and the exit/dismount.  Cover contact points with the equipment, which muscle groups are being used to secure a position and any other relevant safety factors such as emergency dismounts. 

Instructors should also ensure they have offered suitable follow up teaching, e.g. motivational points, reinforcing points, progressions, regressions or alternatives and correcting technique if appropriate.

Spotting should be provided on the first try of each move regardless of student ability. 

What you need to include for each move.What you are being assessed on.
Two demonstrations of the move, one silent and one broken down with teaching and safety points.Technique and execution of the move (as outlined in the course).
Use of the IDEAS teaching method.Clarity of instructions using the teaching method outlined in the course.
A range of teaching and safety points during the initial demonstration.Appropriate choice of teaching and safety points to break down and explain the technique for the move.
Safe and effective hands-on spotting technique.Appropriate spotting technique for at least the first try of the move, demonstrating contact with the student.
Time for the student to try the move 2-3 times with follow-up teaching comments.Ability to observe the student and give appropriate feedback to encourage, motivate, reinforce or correct their technique.

Film your teaching videos ensuring you and the student(s) are in shot at all times. Upload your video to WeTransfer, then copy and paste your link in below.

How to use WeTransfer

WeTransfer is a free service and you do not need an account to use it however, there is a 2GB file size limit so you may need to compress your video or shoot in lower resolution to send it.

Uploading via mobile deviceUploading via PC or laptop
Go to www.wetransfer.com
Click the ‘send a file’ button
Upload your file and click the ‘next’ button
Select the ‘Get a link’ option and click the ‘Transfer’ button
Go to www.wetransfer.com
Click the blue icon with 3 dots in (…)
Select the ‘Get a transfer link’ option
Upload your file
Click the ‘Get a link’ button

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