Foundation Sling Combinations – practical assessment

Perform a continuous combination of five moves from the foundation sling syllabus, linked together with level-appropriate transitions (no teaching required).

What you need to include.What you are being assessed on.
Any five moves from units 2-5 of the course.Ability to select a sequence of course moves that can be linked together.
Moves should be linked together into a continuous sequence.Ability to link moves together logically with smooth transitions.
Technique should be safe and correct for the level of the course.Demonstration of good technique in all moves and transitions, as outlined in the course.
Transitions used must be suitable for the level of the course.Use of level-appropriate transitions between moves.

Film your combination ensuring you are in shot at all times. Upload your video to WeTransfer, then copy and paste your link in below.

How to use WeTransfer

WeTransfer is a free service and you do not need an account to use it however, there is a 2GB file size limit so you may need to compress your video or shoot in lower resolution to send it.

Uploading via mobile deviceUploading via PC or laptop
Go to
Click the ‘send a file’ button
Upload your file and click the ‘next’ button
Select the ‘Get a link’ option and click the ‘Transfer’ button
Go to
Click the blue icon with 3 dots in (…)
Select the ‘Get a transfer link’ option
Upload your file
Click the ‘Get a link’ button

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