Intermediate Hoop Combinations Copy

Combinations are a fantastic instructional tool at an intermediate level. Firstly, they allow you to progress your students in a number of ways. They increase the stamina of your students, both in strength endurance and cardiovascular fitness, they educate your students as to how different moves link together and transition into each other in different ways and they help your students consolidate their learning by giving each move a context in which it fits. Secondly, they help you to halt the progression of your students stopping them from moving onto an advanced level until they are physically and mentally prepared to do so. Intermediate combinations are so expansive, they can provide a huge amount of material to teach which your students will find beneficial and stimulating. Don’t be tempted to stunt your students learning by only teaching new moves, sequencing through combinations is just as, if not more, important.

The video below covers the following combinations:

  • Back Balance to Front Amazon to Single Leg Cradle
  • Front Amazon to Cobra
  • Stag Seat to Split Straddle to Hocks SPlit to Wineglass to Arabesque
  • Pike and Hocks in the Hoop through Straddle Dismount to Reverse Splits Away
  • Single Hocks Shoulder Stand to Half Back Balance
  • Side Amazon to Arabesque via Front Balance Roll Out
  • Coffin to Ankle Hang
  • Front Balance to Hip Hold sequence
  • Candlestick to Elbow Hang
  • Side Amazon to Iron Fanny
  • Star on the Bar to Wineglass to Cradle
  • Splits Away to Reverse Figurehead to Reverse Splits Away
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